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Letter from the Board

Every community requires a variety of support to contribute to its overall success.  Just as other public utilities, schools, and services are considered essential, the Park District is equally important to its resident's quality of life and well being. 

The Park Board understands that a high quality, efficiently run Park District can provide a significant boost to a community's economic development and growth, increase property values, attract and keep businesses, and create jobs for the residents of Marengo.Parks and Recreation play a vital role in communities by encouraging people to develop healthy lifestyles through physical activities. 

It provides family activities and strengthens community bonds through social opportunities.  Even a simple walk through a park or natural area has been proven to reduce stress and lower blood pressure.The Marengo Park District Board of Commissioners is committed to bringing its residents and customers from the surrounding areas, quality self-sustaining recreational programs and facilities, well maintained athletic fields and parks, as well as family friendly events and opportunities.

The Marengo Park District is still facing some large hurdles that need to be overcome, but has already undergone many changes over the last several months that we are excited to share with you.  Last fall the Board hired Joseph Vallez as our Park District Manager to lead the organization into this new and exciting time.  Joe comes to Marengo with many years of Park District leadership experience and has already brought renewed enthusiasm to the Park District and community in a short time. 

Joe and the Board will continue to reach out to local community organizations, sports associations, businesses and schools as well as the City of Marengo to build those relationships that are essential for success, not only for the Park District but the community as a whole.

The Board is seeking constructive input from residents that will help in the development of our master plan to help guide the Park District for the coming years.  We encourage residents to come out and support your Park District.  

The future is bright for Marengo, and the Park District is committed to being a part of it.

Thank You,
Jeffrey Lindstrom, Vice President
Marengo Park District Board of Commissioners