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Adult Fitness

With social distancing in effect and the stresses of a new normal amid this COVID-19 pandemic, we are forced to make big changes to our daily routines. It’s easy to become inactive and fall into a habit of snacking and watching Netflix, but exercise is especially important now, even when the logistics are more challenging.

Creating a daily routine that involves exercise can be therapeutic both physically and mentally and bring a sense of normalcy.

Shared below are some ideas for staying healthy and fit, while still practicing social distancing. We will update this page regularly so check back often.

45-Minute Epic Cardio Boxing Workout: Click here
40-Minute Morning Yoga Class for Increased Energy and Focus: Click here

10-Minute Quick Core Workout: Click here
10-Minute Yoga Class & Meditation for Stress Relief: Click here

Have a Blast With This Family Fun Cardio Workout!: Click here
Yoga for Presence: Click here

30-Minute STRONG by Zumba® Cardio and Full-Body Toning: Click here
30-Minute Yoga Class for Stress Relief: Click here

20-Minute Zumba Class: Click here
20-Minute Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class: Click here

Yoga for Sleep, Yoga Sequence For Better Sleep: Click here
30-Minute No-Equipment Barre Sculpting Workout: Click here

30-Minute Vinyasa Yoga Class: Click here
30-Minute Island Vibes Cardio Dance & Toning Workout: Click here

Yoga for Beginners - 30-Minute Beginner Yoga Class: Click here
30-Minute Hip-Hop Fit Workout: Click here